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Mevia – Branding, and Webdesign

Project Description

The second client project when studying at YRGO was aimed at giving us a deeper understanding of a graphic/brand manual. We teamed up with Chalmers Ventures and got paired up with startups in need of assistance.  Even if the main goal of this project was a manual, it was up to us if we wanted to assist them in other areas as well. For our part, it ended up with a re-design of their logo, brand manual, business card layout, paper layout, re-design of their website and marketing strategy.

Great thanks to Maria Kretz for awesome teamwork and a great time!

Project Details

Client – MEVIA AB
Date – January 8 until February 5 2018
Skills – Branding, Logo Design,Web Design, Positioning (marketing)
Design Team – Vigfus Valgeirsson and Maria Kretz
Front & Backend – Vigfus Valgeirsson and Maria Kretz
CMS used – WordPress with Divi theme
Programs used – Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Sketch.

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After our first meeting with the client, we got a good take on what the company did and how their solution to the challenge of medical adherence was solved. The first things we did was to take a look at their current website and get a feeling for their digital presence online and what “tone of voice” they used on site. We came to the conclusion that their current website had many unwanted design elements to it as well as unnecessary content that could confuse visitors. We also looked at the business strategic planning and did some analysis on how Mevia saw itself as a company. One risk associated with how Mevia had marketed themselves, is that their strategy could in the future corner them in one segment. We saw that with their unique product and great technical skills they should see themselves more as a tech company delivering smarter solutions to the pharmaceutical industry, rather than being one of already very many companies in the industry. By doing this and attaining this self image, Mevia keep the doors open for future branch outs and technical developments.

Old site, here you see the landing screen.

Logo redesign

After talking with the client about their logo, we came to the conclusion that it was a good idea to redesign it. If a logo is to stand out, feel unique and timeless it almost always takes a lot of hard work. We designed, redesigned, iterated, deleted, twisted and turned Mevias logo until we came to our result. We wanted to maintain some elements of the old logo, but design it in a way so that it looked modern yet also has a design that in a subtle way hints about their product.

This is the old logo. With to much happening with the broken lines we wanted to simplify and make it more modern and timeless.
With the emblem changed to a more solid form that represents stability and the subtle pill shape, making up the center, we managed to capture Mevia in one single image.


When having a look at Mevias old site we also dicovered that they had named their API to MIA. This was a concept that we wanted to explore more. We asked about the intentions about naming of the system and the reply was that there wasn’t any, that it was more of a fun idea.

We saw this as an oppertunity to make more of it. We saw that the system they had built had the potential of beeing peronolized by having a companion by the users side that could help reminding the patients.

So we designed MIA the companion.

Here we see MIA in an Apple watch helping a patient and securing adherence. The idea is that users have MIA near themselves so that they can interact with her at all times using a watch, phone och even in an audio system.
In the process of branding and making the graphics manual for Mevia we made some mockups so that the client could get a clear visual sense of what we were striving for. Here we see an advertisement on a street pillar and rollups that can be used at conferences.
We also made a business card.
Please take a look at the graphic manual for the resluts of our main task in this project and please feel free to visit our final result of the site we made.

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