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Sweden Design Challenge

Project Description

This was an individual project. My class got a brief from our teacher which stated that KKN, Team Sweden, and Utrikes Departimentet want to attract designers and creatives from abroad as well as export talent from Sweden to other countries. I started out by interviewing people with experiences from working in other countries. Asking questions about what the hardships were before a journey took place? What were the pain points during the visits and how was it to come home again?

My research led to the idea – Sweden Design Challenge, a competition that involves partnerships with schools in other countries. Through a website / PWA, a brief is launched and within a given timeframe students have to send in their results. The winners get to travel to Sweden hassle free of having to register with authorities, insurance companies, unions, migrations etc. This is all taken care of by the organizers of the competition and within the system solution.

During their stay in Sweden, the winners get internships at one or several companies under a three to six month period where they get to work on awesome projects and get to live and experience how it is to live and run a business. During their stay, the winners are also given the task of being the ambassadors for the Sweden Design Challenge by being active in social media platforms, vlogs and blogs.

Spent a whole day with a whiteboard and some coffee to pan out my ideas. Iteration, iteration, iteration…

I wanted the logo to be recognizable with other logos that have been made to represent Sweden.

We had to use a certain blue and yellow in our projects in anyway we liked. So I went for an made them the main colors which made for great contrast.