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T H R I V E – Landingpage campaign

Project Description

The client T H R I V E, a clothing store in Gothenburg that only sells sustainable and ethical clothes, wanted ideas on how to market themselves with a landing page campaign. The client also asked the campaign to move more towards a casual, cool “look and feel” and not so much the traditional way of marketing Eco-friendly garments.

Project Details

Client – T H R I V E
Date – October 6 until November 24 2017
Skills – Branding, Web Design, Logo Design, Campaign Design
Design Team – Vigfus Valgeirsson and Ellen Neuman
Front & Backend – Sebastian Palm

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We started out by doing persona research, interviewing people outside in the streets about their experiences with online shopping and ecological and ethical garments. We also made a Google questionnaire and with the results we compiled the following persona.

The results from our research gave us a pretty clear image in the direction the campaign would take. We wanted to work more on elevating existing customers (the little monsters), and in by doing so work at giving them an even more sense of satisfaction in choosing to buy clothes from T H R I V E.

Moodboard and Logo

We made a moodboard to get things going and to get a feeling for the style we wanted to aim for. We wanted the campaign to give the customer a sense of exclusivity and style but at the same time with some attitude. The images for our moodboard gave us the art direction we needed. The first thing we decided was to redesign the logo and here Ellen did fantastic work.

From this
To this

Symbol makeover

In the process of the logo redesign Ellen thought that the client symbol also could be apart of the logo it self. By taking inspiration from the ancient alchemical symbols of earth, water, wind and fire, Ellen made the symbol of earth be apart of the logo and I continued to design the other symbols to match. These symbols, together with their underlying mening, helped set the campaigns tone of voice. The earth symbol became the main logo mark.


  • The earth stands for stability, earth care and to thrive.
  • Water stands for sustainability, life and future.
  • Wind signals change, that you as a consumer can make a difference with what you buy.
  • Fire is the symbol for passion, for style, fashion and signals the clients “get it while it lasts” slogan for its garments.

Structure, type and colors

From here we began an intense iteration process towards a landing page design, mobile first. Now we also has started to decide on which typefaces and colors to use.

Araca Majora became the typeface we saw fit the campaign as the display typeface. With its pointy edges and majestic style it worked well for the look and feel that we aimed for. It worked very well with Helvetica Neue as the body text.

The colors that we chose where colors to accentuate that even Eco friendly garments and style can be stylish and edgy.

By this stage in the process, we had begun to set our minds on focusing the campaign as a hashtag campaign. The idea was to create a slogan that could resonate throughout the fashion industry as well to the consumers. We wanted the consumers to feel that every purchase that they made matters and could truly make a difference in the world.

I came up with the hashtag #PAY4CHANGE, and it is a slogan that in many ways symbolized every aspect of what we wanted to achieve, to be apart of the change that is needed. The hashstag is now being used by T H R I V E in their communication and it has started to gain momentum in the industry and has had the effect that we strived for!


When the project had reached this stage I had also come up with slogans and inspirational text for each of the elements.

Soft animations & effects

The page uses what’s called “full page” mode, which means that every page scrolls full screen at a time. By utilising this effect, we enhanced the experience by using soft animations on the pages to accent the most important elements of every page.

Push the button!

And have a look at the animations!

Design ready for implementation

When the site design was done using Sketch, the images that we chose from the client gallery had been Photoshopped, all of the assets had been designed and exported from Illustrator, we began to work closely with Sebastian and oversee the implementation of the site.

Problems and hurdles

We learned that one client meeting, that lasted only ten minutes is to short. After our meeting, we had a ton of questions that remained unanswered, that made our work harder. This is not something that is so surprising, because the client had 13 groups that worked at the same time with this process. I can only guess that they got their fair share of questions.

One other thing was to get the landing page design right when we took it from our Sketch design into html and css. Sebastian was awesome in how he managed to solve problem after problem. We worked as a team next side to Sebastian and gave our inputs when the design started to stray and Sebastian gave his input when certain things just didn’t work out. This close and agile way of working is awesome when it comes to building sites fast. It was truly inspiring to work as close as we did, what a team effort!

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to Ellen Neuman and Sebastian Palm for awesome teamwork and a great time designing and implementing the landing page campaign, it was a blast!

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